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Putting slums on the map by making them visible and a real part of society. 'On The Maps' is an initiative by Afroreggae that aims to blur the divide between Rio’s favelas and the city.

Favelas are a major social problem in Brazil. It is estimated that some 11 million Brazilians live in favelas. In the city of Rio de Janeiro alone there are more 11,000 favelas. Despite actively participating in the economy of Brazil’s cities, favelas do not feature on digital maps, and that means a major problem in terms of digital inclusion.

AfroReggae is a Brazilian NGO that fights for the rights of favelas. To make a statement for their cause, they have done what no one had dared do before: to map those forgotten areas and reveal what is hidden behind the walls that divide favelas from the city. Where was once an empty spot on the maps, we now see communities full of life and emerging economies. 

Through AfroReggae we started a collaborative project including map development systems and formed a team that worked using that technology.

We then distributed smartphones and GPS-enabled devices to a group of favela residents so that they could enter the location of streets and local businesses. Next, we matched the data collected to satellite images and generated the maps.

Once we finished the work in the first favela 'Parada de Lucas', in the northern section of Rio de Janeiro, we got the word out about our project, both in Brazil and internationally, and recruited more collaborators. Since mid-2014, Google Maps has collaborated with us and offered its technology and support in terms of visibility and scale. 

My Role: Development Concept and Art Direction.

Case Study

Beta Project with MapLink

Recognitions And Awards


  • D&AD | Silver - White Pencil - Creativity for Good
  • New York Festival | Finalist Award - Public & Media Relations: Use Of Media 
  • Wave Festival | Bronze in PR - Green Wave 
  • Wave Festival | Bronze in PR - Corporate Communication
  • Wave Festival | Bronze in Cyber - Platform Web
  • Wave Festival | Silver in Cyber - Platform Web
  • El Sol | Silver in Cyber - Platform Web
  • El Sol | Gold in Móvil - Tá no Mapa


  • Cannes Lions | Silver Lion in Cyber - Community Building Management 
  • Cannes Lions | Bronze Lion in PR - Use of Digital Platforms 
  • Cannes Lions | Shortlist Cannes in PR - Innovative Use of Social or Community 
  • One Show Interactive | Silver in Cyber - Platform Web 
  • El Ojo | Silver - Interactive 
  • El Ojo | Finalist - Media 
  • Webby Awards | Honoree in City & Urban Innovation
  • CCSP | Creative Club Sao Paulo Brazil | Book Directory - Digital - Best Use Social Media


Client: AfroReggae | CCO: Ricardo John | CIO: Mauro Cavalletti | Head Of Art: Fabio Simões | Copywriter: Sleyman Khodor, Paulo Amaral, Helio Marques | Art Director: Lucas Reis, Henry Kage, Fernanda Sousa, Vitor Veras | RTV: Marcia Lacaze, Paula Ferrari | Photographer: Regis Fernandez | Film: Nitro B | Director: Gabriel Gemenez | Sound: S de Samba | Voice Over: Simoninha | Media: Maira Toledo, Elaine Endo | Head Of Planning: Fernand Alphen | Project Manager: Hesli Carvalho | Digital Producer: Rodrigo Alberini | User Experience: Carolina Tod | Others Credits: Maplink, Fillet, Digibase, Google.

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