Avon Is On BBB 21


Avon Is On BBB 21

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How can a brand with more than 100 years, change everything in 100 days?

Avon was known as a pioneer, as an activist brand but with an old-fashioned image, brand awareness was no longer enough, the challenge was to reinvent itself. 

Avon decided to put its products to test on Big Brother Brazil ( a reality show on Globo)  and additionally, launch a new concept, a new visual identity where the brand is more connected, more accessible, and more digital: Avon Is On.

My Role: Developing Concept, Art Direction, and Real-Time Activations for Avon on the reality show,
My Role: Developing Concept, Art Direction and User Interface Design.
My Role: Developing Concept, Art Direction and User Interface Design.

Film Look At Her

Case Study Campaing 

Film Look It's Soft It's On

Film Look at Power Stay

Look at the case

Assets Activations Avon Pro Speed BBB 21 


Recognitions and Awards

  • Effie Awards Brazil | Gold in Partner of Content

  • Effie Awards Brazil | Bronze in Personal Care and Beauty

  • Effie Awards Latam | Finalist in Real-Time Marketing

  • MMA Smarties Latam | Gold in Brand Awareness

  • Best Of Tweets 2021 | Connection The brand that best knows how to connect with important conversations for society

  • Creative Club of Sao Paulo | Anuary in Integrated Cases, Personal Care and Beauty

  • 10 times Trending Topics on Twitter during the reality show.
Client: Avon| Agency: Wunderman Thompson Brazil | CCOs: Keka Morelle | Creative Director's: Roberta Harada| Art Director's: Fernanda Sousa | Copywriter: Sabrina Villar, Sofia Menegatti, Michelle Santos | Content Director's: Mariana Hasselman | Project Management: Henrique Sitta | Production: Ana Mello, Maisa Delgado | Film Producer: Paranoid | Directors: Bel|&Ju | Sound: Evil Twin | 3D: Paulo Filipe.
Client: Coca-Cola | Agency: J. Walter Thompson Brazil | CCOs: Ricardo John, Rodrigo Grau | Creative Director's: Gustavo de Lacerda, Ana Cavalcanti, Nacho Mendiola | Art Director's: Fernanda Sousa, Felipe Porto | Copywriter: Julia Velo | User Interface Design: Fernanda Sousa | Motion Design: Marcus Prado | Content: Eduardo Oliveira, Gustavo Komatsu, Talyson Rodrigues | Accont Management: Felipe Giacon, Jayme Neto, Marina Masiero, Fabiana Santana, Juliana Schiavetti, Viviane Santos | Project Management: Thiago Segundo, Marcos Richter | Media: Stella Lopes, Ligia Mattos, Luana Belchior, Beatriz Guerzoni, Nicole Negrigo, Bruno Alves, Vinicius Bispo | Planning: Stella Pirani, Gisele Bambace, Erica Rigobello, Marina Simões, Pietro Portugal | Production: Maisa Delgado, Caroline Pivato, Antonio Corral | Film Producer: O2 Filmes |  Photography: Bob Wolfenson | Sound Producer: DR. DDR | Talent Producer: Music 2 | 3D: Illuminata | Video Case Production: Delicatessen Filmes | Clip Production: 02 Filmes | Music Production: Analaga & Brabo Music Team.

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